About Us

The Soap making was just for fun many years ago when I start making skin care products. When I  would make Soap I would give the extra away. Then people started asking when I was going to make some more. So I started carrying soap In my Boutique with my skin care line on and off. Then I started buying soaps from companies to sell in my Boutique,  but the smell  and lather would not last like my soaps I would make.   So now the soaps are selling just as much  as my Boutique items so I added a full soap bar in the boutique and started back vending with soaps.  It's amazing that people remember my soaps and comments on the smells all the time. I have people tell me not only do we bath with your soap, but we purchase extra bars for our laundry room, guest bathroom, etc. And use them as deodorizer because they smell So good.

So that's how the Soap business got started and I love it.

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